25 Nov 2020
Short Half - Sports Report 5

Short Half - Sports Report 5

The cessation of external sport competition due to the Government lockdown regulations has turned the focus inwards but plenty of sporting action has been taking place in-house over the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to JP pupil Edison Xu who took the tile of New Man Chess Champion after Leave Out.

House football

The Flower Pot and Chawker Pot competitions have suffered a fair bit of disruption due to pupils having to self-isolate but by Wednesday the remaining games will have been played and we will have our semi-finalists and finalists determined. Indeed, this week sees the culmination of Chawker Pot with play-off games on Thursday followed by the placing finals on Saturday afternoon. Next Monday will see the Flower Pot placing finals take place.

I would like to see the senior boys take far more responsibility for setting a better example in their conduct when playing the Chawker Pot semi-finals and finals. It has been disappointing to see first-hand examples of pettiness and poor sportsmanship and it would be nice to report next week on clear improvements.

Foster Pot for the JP & MP boys has managed to run without too much disruption and the top guns in this competition are Phil’s and Toye’s who each won their groups. They will play against Cook’s and Furley’s respectively in this Saturday’s play-off semi-finals along with all the other houses looking to secure the highest position in the placing finals the following weekend.

The different group winners in Ellis Pot were Furley’s, Cook’s and College whilst Toye’s claimed the best runner up slot to bag the last semi-final place for the top four teams. There will also be semi-finals for 5th-8th and a round robin format for 8th-11th this Friday afternoon.

Nation’s League

With lockdown removing the intended full block fixture against Bradfield College on the 5th December we felt the senior members of the soccer club needed a more competitive and meaningful outlet as the term moved towards its culmination. The creation of the two-tiered Nation’s League competition has moved in to full swing and we have seen some well-matched teams battling it out in the ‘B’ league. All the games have been entertaining with a real team ethos evident amongst boys and staff alike. Only England have won both their games meaning there is all to play for in the chase to enter the semi-finals of the ‘A’ league. The first ‘A’ League play off match took place last week between Spain and France and is worthy of a mention as 1st XI player Caspar Byers scored an unusual hattrick which encompassed a penalty, curling free kick and 55 yard shot from the kick-off! The Nation’s League competition will resume next week and culminate in the finals during the last week of term. The junior “Home Nations” will start their team preparations later this week.


The process of training for events months in the future is not an unusual feature for members of the Boat Club as The Schools’ Head in March, NSR in May and Henley Royal Regatta in June / July are the big competitions the boys aim to peak for. Nevertheless, the lack of external competition means there are few opportunities to measure progress against other schools and so the boys have undertaken a virtual race against Bryanston and also raced each other to gauge improvement. Jake Crehan Mills impressed in the virtual J15 race against Bryanston and this was fine reward for the tremendous drive and determination he has shown in training.

In a recent time-trial on our stretch of the Itchen there was a real tussle between Arthur Ferenci and Jonty Nottingham with Arthur taking 1st place by just 1 second in the J18 category. Will Simmonds and Tom Jurdevic took 1st place in the J17 & J16 categories respectively and well done to George Travis for claiming 1st place amongst J15s and for recording a time that finished 3rd overall and so beat a significant number of senior boys.

Guy Jones undertook the first stage of the GB trial process with a 2k erg test a couple of weeks back and for the next test, a 5km erg, he will be joined by Arthur so best of luck to both boys in their pursuit of GB selection.

Well done to Captain of Boats, Caspar Grey, who has used his organisational and motivational skills to great effect, not just as the cox, but also in helping put together the time trial, virtual races with Bryanston and also coaching the JP boys. He has led by example and investing real time and energy into his role. Best of luck to Caspar as he is also pursuing GB selection. (NJW & MSB)

Indoor Cricket

Four teams competed in an indoor cricket competition last Sunday: Wilf’s Wonders led by Wilf La Fontaine Jackson, Paddy’s Pros led by Paddy Fisher, Sam’s Stars led by Sam Tall and Henry’s Hits, led by Henry Nicholls.

The first game was between Wilf’s Wonders and Paddy’s Pros. Paddy’s Pros batted first and scored a very decent 137 in their 12 overs, with George Gardiner contributing a very good 51 and also helped by a few wides! Wilf’s Wonders struggled initially, but Gus Brooke’s 37 kept them in the chase, however they needed to score 27 off the last over which Paddy Fisher bowled. Wilf La Fontaine Jackson hit the second ball for 6 to give hope but alas was out next ball trying to repeat the previous delivery.

The second game was between Sam’s Star’s and Henry’s Hits. Henry’s Hits struggled all the way through their innings against some excellent bowling and fielding, scoring 84 in their 12 overs. Sam Tall’s bowling was particularly impressive, but young Will Alexander played very well at the end to ensure Henry’s Hits batted their allocated overs. After just two overs of the reply the game looked all over as Sam’s Stars scored 28. However, a collapse saw them reduced to 48-5, still needing 37 with the last pair together. Steven Lam and Adam Porter performed brilliantly to leave just 3 off the last over, but off the 3rd ball Steven was caught with the scores tied! This resulted in a “Super” over in which Sam’s stars batted first but lost their 2 wickets in 4 balls whilst scoring 9. Henry’s Stars needed to score 3 off the last ball and Alex Claisse managed to snick the ball towards the vacant slip area whilst partner Henry Nicholls completed the run to ensure they went through to the final. What a game!!

The third game was played between the two losing sides in the morning. Wilf’s Wonders again struggled, despite Wilf’s 33 against some very fine bowling led by Sam Tall who took 3 for 5 in three overs, quite remarkable figures for indoor cricket. Their 79 all out was never going to be enough, despite Sam’s Stars middle innings “wobble” but Will Cresswell steadied the ship with a very good 36no ensuring a win with 3 overs remaining.

So, to the final played between Paddys’ Pros and Henry’s Hits. Paddys’s Pros were put into bat by Henry and scored an excellent 139 from their 12 overs. George Gardiner set the innings off to a good tempo, with Pat Ritchie scoring a useful 30 in the middle of the innings. George Gardiner then returned to the crease and scored a brilliant 72, combining good straight hitting with some sensible running between the wickets. This was always going to be a challenging total, but Henry’s Hits were only just behind the required run rate after 6 overs, Alec Claisse scoring 19 off 5 balls. However, they required 53 off the last 3 overs, which in the end proved too much to ask. Henry Nicholls played well for his 30 as did Tom Symonds who hit one or two lusty blows in his 23.

The winners now face a Staff Team before the end of term. My thanks go to all the lads and especially the captains who ensured all games were played in a fantastic spirit, with every boy at least bowling or batting in all games. It was a hugely enjoyable day. Thank you to all the staff too, Jason Dodd, Nick Townson, James Burridge and Mike Edwards for umpiring and scoring. (PNG)


Five players participated in the Round Robin Squash tournament on November 23rd. Alistair Cliff (D), Fabian Wolsey Pont (D), Zayan Ahmed (D), Rocco Thompson Baroni (A) and Felix Von Moltke (A) .Everyone played well and there were some very impressive rallies .For some it was a very enjoyable return to playing squash after quite a break! The tournament was won by Alistair with Fabian and Felix being very close runners up. (RAA)

How do I become a better Teammate?

Whilst there is an enforced hiatus on inter-school fixtures now is an ideal opportunity for boys to think a little more proactively about how they can make improvements in their performance. For some this might be through physical gains in speed, strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, etc. For others it might be investing time to further improve tactically or focusing on some technical adjustments to develop performance. It has been pleasing to see a small number of boys working hard in the gym and undertaking 1-on-1 coaching but if we are to really challenge some of our traditional rival schools on pitch, court or river there really needs to be a greater commitment to self-development from far more.

I certainly hope the competitive arena of inter-school sport will resume at some point next term as it will allow those boys who are working hard on improving their performance a public platform to display their individual progress. However, I would also urge boys to consider not just how they are progressing individually but how they might become a better teammate too. Simply being in a team alongside others does not equate to being a great teammate and if this is something which is important to you, both now and in the future, it might be prudent to consider some of the following examples. The checklist below is Part 1 of what characteristics are evident in a great teammate.

  • Arrives at least 5 minutes early for any meeting, training session or departure time.
  • Arrives at training early if specific stretches, mobility exercises and / or strapping is required.
  • Strives to do something better every training session and challenges those around him to do likewise.
  • Enjoys participating in his training sessions and matches.
  • Is diligent with rehab and prehab exercises in order to return to play as quickly as possible if injured.
  • Takes and accepts responsibility for mistakes but more importantly learns from them.
  • Understands and recognises that a successful player plays with ambition and wants to do something to help win the game rather than not do something in order not to lose.
  • Takes the time to reflect on his match day performance and recognises positive aspects of play and areas for further development.
  • Seeks out help from the coaching staff when needed to address weaknesses in his game.
  • Undertakes extra training (S&C, agility, skills, psychological preparation, video analysis) in his own time and encourages teammates to do likewise.
  • Is prepared to help other players with their skills / fitness development.
  • Understands the needs of the team must be met first and foremost.
  • Brings a positive attitude to training & playing regardless of whether he is involved in the match or not.
  • Sets high standards with his work ethic towards his academic responsibilities.
  • Communicates early and respectfully to staff regarding any absences or unavailability for lessons due to sporting commitments.
  • Highlights any potential clashes between school commitments in advance so solutions can be found.
  • Manages his sleep and rest routines effectively.
  • Takes responsibility for his own nutrition and hydration needs through good food selection at all meal times and with snacks.

Part 2 next week.

Sporting quote for the week:

“Being a part of a team’s success is more important than being personally indispensable.”

(Pat Riley, former NBA Coach)

M.S. Burley

Director of Sport

Winchester College

24th November 2020