04 Jun 2020
Sports Report: Cloister Time: Week 6

Sports Report: Cloister Time: Week 6

As the lockdown regulations begin to relax, professional sport has made a tentative return. The Bundesliga is into its third round with La Liga in Spain and Serie A in Italy soon to resume and the Premier League now embarking upon full contact training. Rugby League in Australia has kicked off and this week has also seen snooker and horse racing in the UK restart televised competition too. Hopefully, many of you have been able to get out onto tennis courts, golf courses and cricket nets over the last couple of weeks and enjoyed some fun competition with family and friends.

Huge congratulations to Freddie Krone who completed his English Channel Challenge by swimming the 21 mile distance in the garden pond last weekend as has raised almost £1900 so far.

The Winchester College Strava club is increasing in membership and plenty of stalwarts have maintained their impressive running, biking and rowing regimes. Well done to all those pupils posting and below is just a sample of some of those involved. Mr Fox and Mr Driscoll continue to set the standard for the staff to try and emulate.

WB 18.5 WB 25.5

Oliver Hall 5km run 17.09 17.24

10km run 37.17

Alex Feltham 5km run 21.00

Louis Christie 5km run 20.48

2 x 6k erg 53.00

Samuel Payne 5km run 19.04 20.29

Chris Batten 4.44km run 21.28

Alfie Holder 5.86km run 27.46

Erg 60mins

Jonty Nottingham Weekly Bike 4.53hr

I received an email from an OW, Mr David Jenkins, who would love to see any keen runners join both the Strava club he has set up as well as the actual OW running club he is involved with. The Strava club, Winchester Tolling, is competing virtually against alumni from other public schools and so anyone who would like to get involved can contact the club captain Anthony Doolittle tony_doolittle@hotmail.com and join the club.

Whilst we cannot actually watch the leading sportsmen and women compete in live events at the moment I am sure many of you have been watching old re-runs of major events and matches over the past few weeks. Such action allows us to see some “legends” of sport, often for the first time, and engenders an appreciation of how good these performers actually were. There has also been a number of outstanding sports documentaries broadcast recently and two I would recommend are The Last Dance and The Test. The Last Dance provides an amazing insight into basketball star Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls during the 1980s and 90s. The programme explores Jordan’s determination, drive and technical brilliance to secure multiple NBA championships but also presents an interesting discussion of whether his leadership skills verged on bullying and intimidation. The series is well worth a watch (can be found on Nettflix) and then maybe give the following link a listen as Radio 5Live expand on the themes raised in the show (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrvln/episodes/downloads).

The Test is a behind the scenes look at the Australian cricket team between 2017- 2019. It starts with the fall-out from the ball-tampering scandal and tracks the relaunch of the team as they build towards the 2019 ICC World Cup and The Ashes series. The new coach, Justin Langer, attempts to change the culture of the Australian cricket team which had reached its nadir with the cheating scandal and extensive sledging used by its players. Leading in a much more nuanced way and utilising emotional intelligence in a very different way to Michael Jordan, Langer and the documentary series succeeds to such an extent that I was disappointed for the team when they were knocked out of the World Cup! (Can be found on Amazon Prime).

Those of you with an interest in sports literature will hopefully have delved into some of the books included in my recommended reading list which I posted several weeks ago (Sports Books). If you’re looking for a read which combines cricket with public school life then Mrs Quinault has provided us with a great recommendation and review, Mike and Psmith, by P.G.Wodehouse.

Forget Jeeves and Wooster: Psmith is Wodehouse’s finest comic creation. It’s no substitute for a missed season, but no-one could fail to enjoy this marvellously funny book – definitely the finest novel ever written about school cricket.

Snatched from the glories of their final summer term, and a guaranteed place in the Lords XI, by parents enraged at their idleness, Mike and Psmith (the P is silent) find themselves condemned to dribble out their days in the barren wasteland of a minor school. They vow to conceal their cricketing prowess from their new housemates (‘We are, above all, a keen school,’ is the loathed mantra of their master) but the game contrives to sneak up on them.

Read it right here: a few hours’ solace for pleasures lost.


The Sports Quiz battle continues with Paul and Henry both scoring full marks in Round 8 and so remain tied. This week’s quiz moves away from a dedicated theme and is a real mix of general sporting knowledge Sports Quiz Rd 9

Finally, if you’ve been following the weekly training programme or dipping into the speed, aerobic or strength sessions then the latest block of training can be found here (Training schedule)

Sporting quote for the week:

A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player”. John Wooden (Former UCLA Basketball Coach)

M.S. Burley

Director of Sport

Winchester College

2nd June 2020

Twitter: @WinCollSports