19 May 2020
Sports Report: Cloister Time: Week 4

Sports Report: Cloister Time: Week 4

The weekly sports quiz is turning into the equivalent of a heavyweight boxing match between Paul Edwards and Henry Simson. Henry has bounced back by nailing the sports movie themed quiz, claiming full marks of 23/23 to take the lead 4-3. The quiz is by no means a two man affair so feel free to enter and this week’s theme is sponsors (Round 8).

The virtual 5km challenge has seen more entries this week and thank you to all the boys and staff who have signed up to the Winchester College Strava Club. We have not only seen 5km run times posted but also significant bikes rides and erg sessions logged. Pick of the bunch this week goes to Ollie Hall with a superb 17.35min 5km run and a total distance run of over 40km. Mr Hall led the staff with an 18.05min posting for his 5k and Mr Driscoll claimed the total distance title with 56km run. Congratulations also to Henry Axtell for clocking up an impressive 148km total distance cycled last week although he has some way to go to catch up Mr Fox who peddled an awesome total of 276km. (Virtual Challenge List)

Well done to those MP boys amongst the Junior Colts ‘A’ football team who set out to raise some money and keep themselves fit by running a combined total of 500km in less than a week. All the boys put in a huge amount of effort to raise over £3.5k and special kudos to Caspar Barnes, Seb Fennell and Jack Pascoe who totalled 52km, 57km and 81km respectively.

Another pupil setting himself an absolutely incredible physical challenge to raise money for charity is Freddy Krone who is swimming the equivalent distance of the English Channel (21 miles) in a small pond of just 15 metres in length. Freddie is taking on the challenge on Sun 31st May and intends to swim non-stop for 12-13 hours as he raises money for the St Giles Hospice. Read more about Freddie’s challenge (https://www.winchestercollege.org/stories/swimming-the-channel) and I wish him all the best in this amazing feat.

Block 4 of the weekly training programme can be found on the Sports Activities Firefly page (Week 4 training schedule). Remember, you don’t need to follow the full weekly routine. The library of sessions is building up but if anyone would like something more specific then please do not hesitate to contact me.

The current situation we are dealing with may not have the usual stress inducing events of public exams and weekly sports competition but having to deal with anxiety is becoming more common for many of us. The article link explores anxiety and offers a simple strategy in how to try and manage this emotion in times of stress. (Dealing with anxiety)

Sporting quote for the week:

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do” John Wooden (Former UCLA Basketball Coach)

M.S. Burley

Director of Sport

Winchester College

18th May 2020

Twitter: @WinCollSports